10 Minimalist Living Room Designs: Inspirations for Cozy & Stylish Sitting Area for Welcoming Your Guests

navy blue modular sofa with throw pillows hair pin leg bench seat as the coffee table

Minimalist means many. It could be no-fussy furniture, clean look, and cozy. The space in minimalist look commonly refers to the place with the functional interior pieces instead of those decorative only, meaning that the aesthetic value is important in


Eleven Ideas of Hyper Stylish Coffee Table that Obviously Can Elevate Your Living Room

Orla capsule coffee table by Ideal Home

Based on the physical design, this coffee table is hyper stylish and modern. The base is built from the tiny yet sturdy metal finished in black, and each connected metal has been shaped to support the weight. The top, in


Best Living Rooms Rightly to Deeply Sink In

blushy pink vintage sofa with Damask patterns whitewashed wood plank wlals white wood floors

End up the weekdays with something fun like simply relax yourself at home, sinking yourself into your sofa while watching your favorite Netflix’s series while grabing snacks and hot coffee in your hand. Make you comfortable with the best living


Wanna Have Bold & Stylish Living Room? These Poppy-Color Living Room Designs Will Be Your Inspirations

Boho shag rug in bold yellow highlighted with gray and white patterns

Yeah, New Year had just come and now is the perfect time to challenge ourselves to try to darely move on the new design for our home. Start with the bold patterns, shapes, and colors that can make your home


Top Living Room Designs that Perform Style & Coziness

concrete walls and floors hardwood bench seat with back round top wood coffee table with angled metal legs modern floor lamp double layered area rugs in gray

Good design is common but what makes your room looks so great? Here, we try to recommend a number of best living rooms taken from inspiring Pinterest. Each design showcases the striking visualization, best mix of styles (from different periods),


Rustic-Farmhouse Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

rustic farmhouse living room white chairs with blue throw pillows round wood top coffee table centered fireplace with brick surround white wood siding walls decorative deer head wood board floors

Living room is the heart of every home. It performs essential role especially in reflecting the owner’s personal style and preference in home design and architecture. The space should offer coziness when welcoming all guests and of course it’s better


Ten Black and White Living Room Designs that Bring Monochrome Charm

moderrn black white living room design white sofa black throw pillows glass coffee table twin side tables twin floor lamps abstract paint in white black black cowhide rug

Black-white becomes one of most favorite color combinations for home particularly for public space like living rooms. The colors aren’t boring and they offer a beauty contrast in room. When applied in right way, they bring a living tone to


Curtains, The Window Treatments You’ll Love for Trendy & Stylish Living Room

drop curtain with wood hanger

The use of curtains in living room is optional; they’re installed for functional and aesthetic purposes. As the protector, the pieces of curtains block too-much sunlight entering the room, and aesthetically, the curtains show off a special beauty through their


Get Inspired with These Ten Gorgeous Gray and White Living Room Ideas

contemporary living room idea gray wall color large glass windows purely white couches log top coffee table with mertal legs tuscan area rug dark wood floors

Gray and white living room looks nice for any home designs. It offers light, airy, and simple visualization and fits other kinds of interior accessories and furnishings. These light and neutral color schemes is also the best primary tone option


Black and White Living Room Furniture Ideas, The Recommendations for Beautiful Bold & Contrasting Look in Living Room

contemporary & formal living room black leather formal sofas gray area rug clean lined round top center table in white dark wood board floors

Black and white always creates a contrast and bold statement. Their contrast even makes them beautiful and stunning among other interior pieces. This is the reason why most people love these color schemes and keep using them as the primary