Look For A New Inspiration of Scandi-Minimal Home with Classic-Modern Touches? Selina Lauck’s Apartment Gives You Inspiring Ideas

simple yet comfortable bedroom soft and neutral bedding idea light wood bedside table modern black table lamp

I’m really happy when I see my blog and many viewers really love my home tour section on blog. To appreciate them, today I would like to share one more about the home tour, and now I will concern on minimalist Scandinavian home with adorable interiors and exteriors. Guided by


Tricks of How To Decorate An Apartment, Instantly Make It Comfy & Stylish

single bed frame rust bed linen wooden bedside table multicolored runner with fringed trims blush pink metal chair brass finish pendant

Redecorating a small living space is not easy. We have to be smart to reset all things we wanna put in our apartment or small house. It’s important for us to be more selective in choosing the interior essentials such as furniture, complementary interior pieces, accessories, and even decorative items


Apartment Tour: Cabin-Look Finds In The Heart of City

wood plank walls with concealed storage solutions fireplace low profile leather armchair textured but smooth area rug

I just found an interesting living space designed as similar as a cabin with mountain retreats. The most interesting thing is that this apartment is like a modern cabin built in the center of the big city. The design is beautiful, detailed, and full of natural wood material. It feels


Best Interior Ideas for Limited-Space Apartments

small walk in closet idea red brick accent wall wood shelf with hooks under white walls and floors wood stool

Living in a small space like an apartment is so challenging since you need to figure out the furniture pieces you must be placed in order to make all things well-organized, functional, and space-friendly. Tones of color, patterns/ motifs, and dimensions of interior pieces also become the important elements that


Genius Apartment-Lighting Ideas: Not Only Stylish also quite Space-Efficient

unique lighting fixtures with different heights ultramodern sofa

Apartments are smaller than living homes but they often come with more functional and unique issues including the lighting set properly chosen for limit-space and low ceilings. Right lighting is serious matter if you wanna get a perfect lighting in your apartment and this brings huge impact for overall space


Astounding Loft Renovation from What Used to be a Caviar Warehouse

An old and unoccupied 1884 caviar warehouse gains its new functions as a spectacular loft after having huge renovation. The renovation was done by an architect, Andrew Franz, which exquisitely renovates a warehouse into such habitable living space. The caviar warehouse was built in 1884 in Manhattan area, Tribeca North.


Apartment In New York Offering Fresh and Colorful Design

Colorful apartment design in New York offers pleasant experience to inhabit. Thanks to Buro Koray Duman Architects that succeefully finished the apartment remodelling to create more captivating living space. At a brief look, strong and shapely design is the primary feature, adding distinctive character that fascinates the eyes. Spotted near


Compare First Between 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rents with Studio Apartment

The apartment is one of the housing options that we can make alternative if we want to get a place to stay that is able to give us practical value, functional value, and at the same high aesthetic value. If we plan to rent an apartment alone because of the


Get The Best Offer of apartments for Rent In Houston

If we intend to live in an apartment and are looking for the right apartment in Houston, then we are in the city proper. We can get apartments for rent in Houston with ease in accordance with the specifications that we want because Houston is a city of apartment. We


Exquisite Biotic Vertical Garden in Family Apartment Overlooking the City View

Located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, this family apartment accentuates the extensive view of the city and the Dnieper River. With its medium extent, this apartment allows to occupy a small family and provide comfort to optimize daily living. The attractive feature within this living space is the biotic garden that vertically