Don’t Know How To Makeover Your Small Balcony? These Ideas Will Inspire You

small balcony design a couple of egg lounge chairs with round throw pillow and yellow throw blanket shabby runner

When summer arrives, spending the hours in the balcony is a fun experience. In this spot, you can always enjoy your morning coffee or tea with the loved ones while inhaling the fresh air from the open space. But what about the small balcony? Is it cozy enough to do


10 Homeware Trends Definitely Be The Key Looks In This Year

rattan lounge chair in shabbier living coral throw blanket with ornate tassels

Taken from the site I just visited on the internet, there are ten hottest homeware trends that are predicted to be the key looks for any interiors of home. The homeware consists of materials, finishes, and color hues that will definitely be the big hits in this year. See the


Superbly Unique & Stunning Light Fixture Designs to Instantly Update Your Home

oak table lamp by Etsy with person shape

Taken from Pinterest, there are some options of interior lighting ideas that can visually make your interior looks so wow. If you are so curious about this, join us to see ten best collections of wow interior lighting below. Hopefully, these lighting ideas will inspire you and be new references


Villa Arjuna, Bali: An Instagrammable Villa You’ll Never Forget To Book During Holiday Season

teak lounge chair with white throw pillows and blue throw blanket

Located in Canggu, Bali, Villa Arjuna is one of most recommended destinations for you guys who wanna go traveling to this exotic place. Here, you’ll find some interesting things inside the villa and they’re mostly made by exposing the natural elements as the basic pieces. Some are the origins of


10 Ideas To Introduce Marrs Green, The World’s Favorite Hue

hexagon Marrs Green tiles with white line accents

What’s the most favorite color in this world right now? Marrs Green is the only right answer. The name is from Annie Marrs (the creator), an art graduate from Leisure and Culture Dundee. Annie is firstly inspired from green, gray, and blue to create this kind of teal hue. Marrs


Get Best Illumination. These Pendant Lights Understand What You Need The Most for Your Home

color blocked pendants in Lily flower like shape

Pendant lamps can be crucial element in home. Just light up particular space with a pendant lamp or use a multiple pendant to illuminate the wider space and let that pendant be a direct statement of space. Unlike the wall and flush-mount lamps, the pendant lamps are typically hung on


Inspiring Bay Window Designs for Multifunctional, Well-Ventilated, And Lighted Space In Home

asymmetrical bay window with full glass window built in wood bench seat and black cushion and pillows

One of best tricks to a ventilated and open room is generally started with a huge amount of natural light. Whenever it is (kitchen, bedroom, family room, or even entry hall), the bay window plays double function, as the space for adding extra illumination and as the statement maker. The


10 Clever Ideas How To Spice Up The Abandoned Attics

a couple of single bed frames with white linen center dresser wood plank walls and ceilings in white exposed wood beams on ceilings

Attic is one of attractive parts of house where it usually vacant or unused. Even most people often associate it with a secret room. In fact, an attic has the unique shape (slanted ceiling with huge skylight on ceiling), potentially being a perfect space for bedroom maybe. Re-designing the attic


Let’s Get Inspired With These Ten Inspiring Ideas Of Creating The Coziest Spot In Home

white duvet cover and shams with textured surface large bed curtains with firefly string light

Everyone must have the most favorite spot in their house where they can relax or do all things they love most like reading, cooking, Netflix-ing, gardening, or even working in that spot. There must be so many reasons why this spot be the favorite; have coziest place to curl up


Get Special Glams Only From These Creative & Inspiring DIY Lamp Products To Your Home

DIY pendant light made of metal wire frame covered with glued keys

It’s always fun if all things we’ve made are beautifully displayed and effectively useful. Like these DIY lamps, we’ve shared some inspiring ones to adopt by you if you are interested to try. Made of cheap and affordable materials (most are daily-use stuffs like paper, wooden, even metal), we really