Antique Mirror Backplash Touches Modern Feature with Old Vintage Style

Mirror. A feature that will always make the place where it belongs to looks great. It does make you confident once you are in front of it. Its reflection brings you to enjoy extraordinary sophistication. Then, how if the mirror is brought into interior design? Of course, it plays perfect role to touch every single modern fixture with old vintage style! Including backsplash!

A kitchen with wooden cabinetry is a common design. Then, how you will make it different? Yeah, you can add mirror onto some part of it. Take backsplash to be the one that will be touched with mirror. It contrasts the nature of wooden which is natural, and the mirror will flash it in vintage look. Such a perfect compilation!

In addition, vintage mirror is not always boring in that plain design. sometimes, it comes in stylish lavish look. Imagine to have diamond shaped mirror backsplash in your kitchen! With crystal decoration on every counterpart, it blink every inch of the cabinetry with sophistication.

Then, a plain mirror design is not that bad. It is all depends on taste, I think. A modern kitchen with modern wooden cabinetry appears in fashionable look with plain mirror backsplash. It reflects everything in front of it delightfully. I like the brown countertop pretty much!

Meanwhile, tile mirror backsplash is also a nice feature to color your kitchen backsplash. It breaks the monotony with stylish shape. It could be a cool spot to hang out anytime. Thanks to the gray tone to bring exclusive look!


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