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Stainless Steel Towel Warmer Design By Artos
Metal Towel Warmer
Modern And Elegant Metal Wire Towel Warmer By Artos
Artos Towel Warmer
Aluminum Towel Warmer By Artos
Hard Metal Wire Towel Warmer Minimalist Bathroom Double Sinks And A Pair Of Frameless Mirrors Open Shower Space With Modern Wall Mounted Showerhead
Hardwired Towel Warmer Idea From Artos A Modern Bathroom Vanity With Sink And Faucet A Modern White Chair
Simple Towel Warmer Produced By Artos
Artos Hardwired  Towel Warmer Design
Hardwired Electric Towel Warmer

Humid or wet towel make us uncomfortable to use. It can be the best place for mold to grow rapidly in your towel. Even though we have spread out the towel in chrome wall-kit, it won’t be dry perfectly as it doesn’t get the sunlight directly. The only solution to overcome this matter is by using a towel warmer. There are so many selections of towel warmers, but Artos towel warmer is the most recommended one. Why?

Artos towel warmer offers best quality product. Many people have used the product and they are so satisfied about the product. Artos towel warmer is designed into three types: hardwired electric, plug-in electric, and hydronic. Let’s review one by one in brief. Hardwired electric is the most common towel warmer product designed by Artos. It includes the wire finish and has programmable timer setting.

Unlike hardwired electric towel warmer, plug-in electric towel warmer is made from 48 inch wire and used for the bathroom that has no outlet available for turning on the hardwired electric version. So, you don’t need to have the electric outlet if you want to use this plug-in electric as your towel warmer. That’s so practical, right?

The last one is hydronic. It is specifically used for the bathroom which has water heating system with valves. The valves are the part to connect the air release valve and water supply. Among these three types of Artos towel warmer types, which one do you prefer? Each has various sizes, designs, and finishes. To see more details about the products, just check in our gallery.


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