Can Light Conversion – Green Home Maintenance

What is happening in the current actual news? Yeah, people lots concern about the current situation due the extreme climate change happening lately. It is no longer a fake issue, but most countries in the worls have felt the bad impact. Finally, green habit is introduced to minimize the negative effect like converting some waste stuff into something useful. For instance, can light conversion that gives new idea of making stylish lamp by refining what should be rubbish!

I am sure that everyday you spend lots of tomato sauce or pasta to make a yummy plate of spaghetti or others. Then, usually you will throw it into the trash, and get nothing from it. Started from now and on, it is better to give value to the rubbish like converting the cans into light shade. Yeah, it is not only useful to save the environment, but it is also creative and artistic!

From sardine to another pasta, there would be plenty of cans in your kitchen. Again, it is not worth to throw them away. Otherwise, transforming the outlook into modern and creative pendant shade is truly an amazing idea to deal with. Aside of that simple and flat design, I think it is more valuable with all the effort that you make!

Designing christmas decoration using waste cans is also possible. With a strong pin, you are supposed to make pattern with it on the can, so once the light on, the pattern will share the light outside!

Then, the one with colorful paint like pink and yellow as well as the polka dot pattern should be the most adorable design ever!


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