Chest of Drawers VS Dresser

Chest of drawer is perfect storage place for clothes, especially for your bedroom closet. Chest of drawer need big enough space to put, that’s why you have to prepare one special area only for this kind of furniture. Good room in a house must have good storage place system too, by using chest of drawer, your stuffs will be organized as tidy as possible.

Another storage place which is special for any woman and girls is dresser. The shape of dresser is much little than chest of drawer and usually it is designed with mirror too. Dresser has many design styles, it also can be completed with the chair. Perfect color of dresser will make it looks beautiful and nice as useful furniture.

Chest of drawer and dresser is furniture but clearly different. If you are ordered to choose one of them between chest of drawers vs dresser, you need to buy chest of drawer first. Precious clothes must have precious storage too. Commonly a dresser is located in your bedroom, you can dress it with beautiful flower or vase as an accessories.

Every room needs more special thing to do with the interior design and decoration, especially its furniture. A room surely has to make unique and awesome character, furniture can play that role to make it happens. Many design of room furniture has its own shape and size that would fit to your unique room. Chest of drawer and dresser are both amazing furniture for every home type.

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