Choose the Right Window Treatment to Make Your French Door Looks More than Marvelous

Having a nice french door is not the end of every interior decoration. Yes, you are right that french door gives different accent to every home that makes you feel like living in the nuance of mediterranian. However, without perfect treatment, it is like having gold wrapped by dust! Yeah, never hide your great treasure, so you have to choose the right window treatment to make your french door shiny!

I know that most french door employs more glass material than others. It makes every designer to make stunning cover to give slight privacy to any room with a french door. Therefore, nice white lace curtain would be a good selection to color your door. Taking only the glass part, it will be perfect with light tied pattern in the middle of the design.

To welcome summer season, what about having the one with brighter color like pink or peach? Yeah, it is a wonderful idea to have fully prepared summer! Pink patterned curtain with balloon decoration on the top beneath the rod is a eclectic look that you cannot miss. Again, tied rope is always a sweet accent for a curtain!

If you think pink or peach is too feminine, now you can try another color like yellow. It is cheerful and mood booster too. Choosing the one with pattern would be a very gorgeous design that invades your interior with luxury. Thanks to the black metal rod and the vintage lanterns added!


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