Christmas Center Pieces

Creating Christmas center pieces doesn’t have to take expensive materials and many hours. Get creative, new, and inspired ideas below. The following ideas of Christmas center pieces must make your guests or family say big ‘WOW’ after seeing them.

First idea of Christmas center piece is birch log transformed into creative candle holder. You can create it by yourself. You just need several birch logs. Use power drill to create the deeper bits as you create holes. Insert the candles on bits and you’ve finished! Second idea of Christmas center piece is mini colorful Christmas trees made from unused materials like colorful plastic. These beautiful artificial trees can be stunning and striking accent for table. Garnish them with artificial cherry fruits made from red wool or other materials.

Bouquet Christmas is the third creative idea of Christmas center piece. This kind of bouquet is quite different with other bouquets. This bouquet does not need a vase, but a cap. Remove the silver hanger from cap and add colorful Christmas balls on cap. Don’t forget to put the florists’ foam as on cap base. This foam helps all elements keep in their place. Complete the cap with decorative plants around the Christmas balls.

What’s next Christmas center piece? Evergreen pitcher and winter cranberry are two next Christmas center pieces. Evergreen pitcher looks so gorgeous to be placed near windows. To create this Christmas center piece, you need to prepare several materials, such as eucalyptus stems, faux evergreen, and some berry branches. Grab all these materials and insert them into white pitchers. In 1, 2, and 3 steps, winter cranberry Christmas center pieces can be created in easy way. One: prepare transparent glass vase or bowl and fill it up with Epson salt. Two: put red berries as the second layer. Three: add bowl or vase with faux greenery or fresh green plants.


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