Various Concept of Covering Bay Window

Having a nice home with great bay window must be prefect. You may rarely find a house with a bay window, but there are some houses which have this kind of unique window. What is actually a bay window? A bay window is a great window which protrudes like a half round. Most bay window has big window concept. However, in this case you need to understand how to decorate this awesome window with window covering. This post will show you some of bay windows with nice covering.

A bay window should has such a big covering called big curtain. Big curtain is a perfect way to cover this bay window. In this case, you must have a curved curtain rod to form like a bay window shape. What kind of curtain can we put in this bay window? Any curtain, any kind of curtain with a beautiful color is a good idea for covering it. For example, you can see the picture there is a bay window with green curtain covering. This perfect curtain cover is suitable for your bedroom window.

The other concept of covering bay window uses window blind. Window blind is kind of curtain design, but it is open by pulling up and down. Meanwhile, curtain is opened by pulling to the left or right. Window blind commonly uses different material unlike the curtain. This window blind can use such a cane work made of wood or bamboo. This perfect window blind is perfect for living room bay window decoration.

If you want, you can also use double concept with curtain and windows blind. This double concept is perfect for living room decoration. In this case, you may cover your bay window by pulling down the blind or you can cover it by puling right and left the curtain. For the color choice, you should choose the matched color such as green curtain with green decoration window blind.


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