Sweet Country Rustic Kitchen Idea – Designed to Own

What do you think about rustic style? it is old, dull, and dusted for some people. however, there is something beyond its dullness. There is the highest artistic and antique feeling hidden behind the old look. Therefore, there are so many people in love with this style. it is rare people having the design, so it is unique as well. It is just regretful if you don’t try to have a magical feeling of rustic idea like sweet country rustic kitchen below!

Entering an original rustic kitchen is like living back then to the generation our ancestor used to live before. There are no enough storage to load the table ware like the baskets that finally fill the hooks on the ceiling above the dining table with sweet pink floral table cloth. The cabinet is not as large as the modern one, and the lighting is bit darker shapping the real nuance of the past.

Another idea seems to steal the awe from retro style with bright navy blue color applied to the island that later to be the table as well. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling are totaly rustic to match the table top, floor and also the cabinet inserted in the kitchen.

An adorable rustic kitchen idea looks tempting with all wooden material applied from the floor to the ceiling. White staircase, exposed wooden beams, wooden table, and wooden cabinet fill the footage with sophisticated outlook.

Taking the nuance in white tone is also perfect with the same pantone on the ceiling and floor. Aside of the simple island with seating, there is also a set of antique dining table!

Reference: www.countryliving.com

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