Curved Wooden Bench for Garden and Patio


A lot of selections of outdoor furniture make us more interesting in choosing the best for our outdoor space. Curved wooden bench is only one of them that give the outdoor space more stunning and functional. This type of furniture is quite attractive and looks so unique. Seen from design, it is totally different from common outdoor wooden furniture pieces. Most outdoor furniture pieces have design that shows straight line look.

Curved wooden bench is always attractive to apply for patio, garden, or back yard areas. As its name, this seat furniture only has the few variations. They can be distinguished only from their model. The designers creates several models of curved wooden benches, such as curved benches with back/ neck-rest plus armrest features, backless curved benches, low legs curved benches, higher legs curved benches, and no legs curved benches. Each model is flexible to use in any outdoor spaces.

Connecting to the material, curved wooden bench pieces, there are some options of wood materials usually used to build such furniture. Logs, solid wood boards, and wood planks become most popular types of wood material of curved benches. Special for wood planks material, there are two optional styles: horizontal and vertical wood planks styles. Both are so artistic and look more stylish than outdoor flat seats.

Curved wooden bench is one most recommended choice to patio or other outdoor areas because it can be used as an extra seat. Some people could sit in it. You can also add a fire-pit table at the center. It must be awesome to sit along the line with friends or family while enjoying the warmth coming from the fire pit. And here we share several designs of curved wooden bench. The may be your next your references when you’re planning a new set of outdoor furniture.


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