Several Unique Custom Lamp Shade that You Must Know

Believe it or not, but lighting is an essential part of every interior decoration. Just imagian to live in a house down the city with no light turned on. It is like living in a cave! Yeah, deep cave with hard stone siding, flooring and ceiling, so spooky! Then, I can say that lighting is helpful to personalize your interior, to add character, and of course to show off the beauty inside. Several unique custom lamp shades are too attractive to leave behind!

It is likely the lamp shade is a diy product with soft blue pattern on white paper shade. It is a bold bronze table lamp design with drum shape idea, and to add the diy stuff is a nice idea to make it gorgeous!

To fill your classic interior design with quirky nuance, it is best to have metal scrolled shade frame with yellow paper shade cover. It is a unique and artistic shade idea with umbrella shape and freestanding pole base with carved decoration!

An orange diy unique costum lamp shade gives perfect accent to a bedroom with orange bedding design. further, if you want to have the neutral one, a white lamp shade looks good too. It is matching to any color, and of course it is worth to own!

Customing the lamp shade with black cane patterned style is also best as it represents the nuance of fashionable scandinavian interior. With carved lamp stand, sure, you will never regret it! No matter what custom lamp shade idea is a perfect decoration for extraordinary interior!


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