Emmerson Dining Table: Rustic Value Maker

Emmerson dining table always offers us the obvious rustic look to dining room. Rustic is not limited for nature-post decor idea. We can mix this style with any other decor styles (modern, minimalist, tropical, traditional, and others). Even more, a rustic dining table like Emmerson’s add attractive accent to a modern dining room or other dining room styles. Hardwood table with clear natural lines becomes an eye-catching and striking focal point for the room.

Emmerson dining table looks so gorgeous if it is completed with other matching dining furniture sets. Emmerson always exposes contrast blend between the table and seater. A rustic Emmerson dining table featuring leather-cushioned wooden bench, for instance, shows perfect idea of furniture combination. Both are totally different in style (rustic table is quite contrast to modern bench set).

Sometimes a wooden bench without cushion is additional rustic value which adds and support another rustic value brought by the Emmerson table. This case happens when we use the bench as extra seater and modern dining chairs as the primary seaters. The combination between rustic and modern style is not limited on dining furniture use. The combination can be created by taking fully-rustic dining furniture set with modern decor idea in one room. Rustic-style dining furniture with a modern kitchen rug, for instance, must be a marvelous idea of decorating. We also can add modern decorative/ pendant lamp over the dining table to emerge another modern value.

Our gallery presents some models of Emmerson dining table for different dining room decor style. These models are so inspiring and we hope they have attracted you much.

Reference: www.westelm.com

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