Hold Your Handbag and Never Lose Your Style with Fashionable Storage

For all woman, handbag must be a must have item. It influences your fashion look a lot. Without handbag, your outlook is just like a hot plate of steak without pepper. So plain! Therefore, it becomes the most important fashion item that all women must have. Mostly, they don’t mind to but exclusive and branded handbag to support their outfit. Then, how do they care the handbag?

If your collection is not too many or if you are a beginner, then a black wooden small storage design is enough to organize all of your bags. In addition, to make the outlook fashionable, take leopard print to color the backsplash. So, even the size is small, you can distract the outlook with sophisticated pattern!

The next one appears in very luxurious style. It spends almost the whole area beneath a spiral staircase. Of course, it is much bigger than the previous one. Recessed white slot for every bag is gorgeous. It contrasts each bag with vibrant colors like green, blue and red. Collecting three bags in one slot is also possible to save the space. Don’t forget to have a display table before the storage!

Further, you can also try to have a handbag closet. It means that you have to provide a single room where you can put many handbag storage inside. Arranging some glass racks on the wall will add the stylish outlook. Random pattern is also good to break the boredom. Not only for yourself satisfaction, it could be a home exhibition!

Meanwhile, spending the rest storage inside your walk in closet is not bad at all. It suits you well for fashionistas with few handbags collection!

Reference: www.shape.com

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