Creative Modern and Classic Design of Free Standing Headboard

Talking about bedroom design, we will never get to its ending. Since, there are so many ideas about bedroom designs. Starting from the wall accent choice, the floor tiles design, the windows, and etc. Moreover, there is other bedroom decoration which is probably not too important but most people want to have. This is called a free standing headboard. This free standing headboard is separated from the bed frame, so it can be released any time.

We take one sample in the picture, there is a free standing headboard with big size. As you can see that this headboard is so high and has special pattern. Since, this is a free standing headboard, so you can take it off and then put it back on. Let us we compare with other headboard design which has black accent. This plain black free standing headboard is smaller than before, but it is more suitable and matched with the bed sheet color. Here, the bed sheet has white accent with some white pillows as well, and it is combined with black free standing headboard, so this is so perfect match.

You might prefer other color like brown color. This free standing headboard is perfect for you classic bedroom design. Thus, this headboard also has ottoman design which makes it so adorable for modern bedroom. Or probably you prefer the classic free standing headboard which is made of wood. As you can see in the picture, there is compact headboard with brown accent and it is totally made of wood. This head board is suitable for classic bed frame which is also made of wood though. So, which one is your favorite? Decide now, but do not forget to choose the suitable one and matched with your bed frame accent.


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