Front Door Window Coverings: Adorning and Adding the Extra Privacy of Your Home

Having a front door with window panels aside, of course, will be a good idea to enlighten your dark entryway with natural light. Yet, it can reduce your home privacy if the glass of windows is not frosted. Those, as a solution, you can perform window covering ideas for a door.

Besides adding some privacy, the front door window coverings will also add the decorative element of your home interior. Here are several options of windows covering that you can give a try!

First, if you want to give privacy but do not want to lose the natural light coming through the window, you can decorate a sheer curtain with light color. In this case, you can also double it with a side curtain to increase the privacy.

The other alternative is by decorating fabric shades. The average width size of this shade is about 6-12 inches. In addition, this fabric shades are available in various colors that you can mix and match it to your home scheme.

The next option is wooden blind which is hung up on the top of window and it can be pulled down and up to allow the natural light come inside the house. When it is closed, you will get the extra privacy to your home. Besides woods, there are another blind which is made from metal.

For Further details, you can get some muses from the following pictures. The front door with window covering is just mesmerizing with various colors and patterns presented.


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