How to Hook Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal

Several people are still confused about how to install dishwasher with garbage disposal. Nonetheless, don’t give up as we will share you some tips how to hook the dishwasher with garbage disposal so that the water can drain out through the drain line easily.

There are two different installations of dishwasher with garbage disposal that you can try. The first installation by using an air gap to obtain additional air pressure in the water drainage and the second installation does not use air gap.

First of all, prepare all the things that you need to use for the installation such as a hammer, screwdrivers, a drill, and the other home kits. Then, turn off the electricity power in your kitchen by switching off the circuit breaker. It is useful for your safety.

Then, you also need to switch off the valve of the main water beneath the sink and turn on the faucet of the sink so that the water can out of the water line.

If you want to install a new installation, take the drill and make a hole in 1,5 inch deep on the wall which is located near the kitchen sink and floor level. Nonetheless, if you only replace the previous dishwasher, you can use the previous holes. Connect the drain hose to the hole and leave 0,5 inch end that will connect it to dishwasher.

Then, uninstall the garbage disposal knockout plug and attach the water line to garbage disposal tee. Then, hammer nail on the kitchen cabinets at least 20 inch from floor and circle extra length of dishwasher drain line over the nail.

Last, connect the end of drain house to dishwasher after creating electrical and water connection. Finally you can turn on the electricity and check it whether it already works or not.


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