Glassed in Porch: One Year Round Solution

Having a well shaded open porch can give cool and comfortable relaxing feeling during the summer. But if you are thinking about enclosing your porch that will give you the same comfort and warmth during the winter season, a glassed in porch can be your reasonably priced option. A glassed in porch provides you more heat during cold winter making it possible for you to have extra relaxing and comfortable space at your house. To avoid your glassed in porch to traps more heat in the summer, very little glass on the east and west sides of the porch is a must.

One benefit of glassed in porch is saving more energy with relatively low budget. Yet heating system is absolutely required as glassed in porch gets very cold during the winter. In addition to that, having a glassed in porch provides you more versatile function as it gives you sunny more space for many months of the year. Moreover there will be no worries over outdoor trouble of dust, pollen or bugs since your porch is entirely enclosed by glass.

In terms of disadvantage, the possibility of the porch to get your whole house hotter during the summer time can be an issue. To answer this problem, properly shading and venting the porch is the solution. Regarding budget, a glassed in porch can spend you around $1.000 by assuming that there is no major structural changes needed for your existing porch. Another possible disadvantage from glassed in porch for some people may be regarding the ‘unreal’ outdoor atmosphere compared to a screened porch which offers sounds of nature and fresher air.


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