Good Fabric Cord Covers

You can’t live without electricity. In every space in your home, you will find some electricity things with its cord. Cord may not good to see, especially when you already designed your room as pretty as possible. For hiding the cord, perhaps you just hide it behind cabinet or frame but still it can be seen. Awesome thing for hiding and decorating it is you have to use cord covers. Cord covers will not only protect your electrical cord, but also make it looks stylish.

You don’t have to buy the cord covers, here are some tips to make your own cord covers. First thing that you need to prepare is fabric. Yes, fabric is the easiest material that you can find to make cord covers. So good fabric cord covers are not only having the same design style with things inside your room like rug or curtains, but it should also covering up the cord nicely. Measure the length of your cord then sewing the fabric as you like. You may need tape, ribbon, or tie to make the cord covers more beautiful.

If you truly use cord covers for protecting it from your dog, cat, even mouse bites, then you have to use cord covers with thick material. That thick material usually is made from textile fabric. You can still have stylish cord cover by choosing fun color of it.

Brilliant idea of using cord covers is you can use for hiding metal swing chain. It will not only hiding it, it will also dressing it.


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