Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors that Make Your Floor Outlook Remains Up to Date

Many people choose a hardwood floor for their floor option because this floor presents affectionate and impressive designs which never go out of style. In addition, this kind of floor is renewable and well-built. There are many available choices of hardwood floor colors which will enhance the beauty of your home interior.

This article will summarize the most popular hardwood floor color so that you can use it as a reference for you to install a trendy and an up to date hardwood floor in your home interior. Of course, everyone have different taste of style and color, so you need to choose what you think well decorated in your home.

One of the most popular hardwood floors is dark hardwood. Yes, dark finishing will present you stunning appearance of traditional and modern outlook. For example, you can choose ebony, Jacobean, or you can also blend both of those colors to create espresso color. Well, you have clean and maintain the dark hardwood floor as the dirt and scratches can be seen clearly on its color.

The next is gray hardwood which presents stylish and neutral tone in your home decoration. In addition, you can easily combine the gray hardwood color with the furniture inside of the room such as appliances or sofa as this color doesn’t fight with other colors. There are 2 choices of gray colors: dark gray and light gray.

The next popular hardwood floor is white wash. Although it has been popular long time ago, but this floor color is being a trend again recently. The white washed floor is rather expensive rather than other hardwood as you need water based poly as well as the gray hardwood which means you need to pay out extra money.


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