Indoor Fire Pit Table Design Options

Indoor fire pit table is the best alternative choice for you who do not have more space to build up an indoor fireplace. This type of table is actually has similar function to traditional table, but it has additional feature that offers warmth coming from the fire pit on table top. When the winter comes, you can activate the fire pit that is on table top and the warmth will cover you instantly from the cold outside.

Indoor fire pit table is available in wide varieties of type, feature, shape, material and finishing, style, and size. Type applied on indoor fire pit tables consists of two choices: gas-powered fire pit tables to wood-burned pit fire tables. It’s optional for you to choose one of them. People today prefer gas-powered fir pit tables since they’re claimed as practical ones. They do not result heavy smoke that potentially fills the room. Add special feature to remove the smoke resulted by wood-burned fire pit like smoke remover which is placed at top of fire pit.

Another feature may be add to an indoor fire pit table is fiberglass panel. The feature is commonly added to modern fire pit table only. The fiberglass panels here have two main roles: as the fire wrappers to prevent the fire spread out of the pit and as the decorative element. Fiberglass panels surely add modern touches to the table.

Several style options of indoor fire pit table are offered to you, starting from traditional to modern ones. Each style provides different striking look and performance. Just select one that suits your room decor and interior furniture. Round, rectangle, square, oval, and free-shape are several shape options you can choose based on room size, personal taste, and interior decor. Wood, metal, glass, and wood-metal/ wood-glass combination are the references of fire pit table material selections you’re free to choose from. Low-profile, higher, and mixed low-to-high profile tables are the newest designs of indoor fire pit tables currently released. Well, if you have huge curiosity about this table, just visit our gallery. We have uploaded more than ten designs of fire pit tables for indoor. We hope you will attract to pick one as your next reference.


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