Kashmir white granite countertops Showcasing Striking Interior Visage

Granite material is often chosen by people for their countertop because of its awesome looking. There are various granite types that you can find in home stores such as Kashmir white granite countertops. This granite, originated from India, is often regarded as one of the most favorable granite types because of its stunning outlook and modest prices.

However, Kashmir white granite countertops are not the real granite. At a glance, its appearance looks like a marble, but it has less porosity. That’s why this material is often used for kitchen countertop or even vanity tops.

Another benefit of using this material is that it can be blended easily with other schemes displayed in your kitchen. For example, if you want to present contemporary outlook, you can paired the countertop with a dark cabinet. As the result, you will have a fabulous kitchen decoration.

Though it has some pros, you have to know that this granite also has some cons. The Kashmir white granite tends to stain and its colors are easy to fade. That’s why you have to be careful in choosing the cleaning product. Don’t use a heavy cleaning product to prevent your beautiful countertop from discoloration.

To maintain its beauty, you also need to do sealing at least once a year. Afterward, you should keep the surface away from hot pans. Clean the spill quickly once it is on its surface to prevent it to be irremovable stains.

If you want to have a brighter-looking kitchen decoration, it will be a perfect solution for you. Here are some pictures showing its gorgeous outlook.

Reference: www.minimalisti.com

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