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High Lattice Fence Arrangement With Diamond Cut Shape On Top
White Colored Lattice Fences With Plants Ornaments A Unit Of Artistic Sculpture In White Color
Black Lattice Fence System With Beautiful  Bird Patterns On The Top
Lattice Fence Idea In White Color
Neat And Well Organized Lattice Fence System Made From Soft Wood
Low Lattice Fence Idea For Front Garden
Vertical Strips Model Of Lattice Wood Fence System With Diamond Cut Shape Feature On The Top
Brushed Wood Lattice Fence System For Garden
Slate Arrangement Lattice Fence Made From Wood
Rustic Style Lattice Fences Made From Wood

Sometimes you need to set the boundaries to give the mark your own area and public area. The fence system is not only boundary sign of private area and a security system to your home, but it also a decorative item for the outdoor area. There are so many kinds of fence system you can organize, such as vinyl fence system, wood fence system, chain-link fence system, composite fence system, and lattice fence designs.

Among those fence systems, perhaps only few people know more about lattice fence designs. Lattice fence systems are designed in many options of materials. The most often materials used are solid wood and vinyl. Huge design options of lattice are also available, so you can select one suiting your needs and preference. But the most popular design is a horizontal panel in the bottom part or base. This design becomes the most favorite as it is replaceable when the base part is damaged.

A lattice fence system consists of some parts: lattice panels, vertical rails, and horizontal rails. The vertical rails are installed when you will install it as vertical panel. It is up to you to install higher lattice fence system or lower one. Be sure that you select the best one to provide the best security, aesthetic value, and garden decorative boundaries.

Here we attach some lattice fence designs that probably match your style design and security need. These designs offer you more references of fence system to decorate your garden, patio, outdoor porch, and any other outdoor areas.


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