Comfortable Mattress Topper at Target

A mattress topper is a cushioned pad on the top of a mattress. The measurement usually around 4 up to 8 inches thick for extra comfort and softness. It is a great idea for improving your night’s sleep. Even, it will offer a new lease of life for your old mattresses. You can buy some comfortable mattress topper at Target. Some of Target mattress topper are the Threshold Fresh Scent Memory Foam, the Enhance Highloft Memory Foam, and the Biofresh Gel Memory Foam.

The Fresh Scent Memory Foam by Threshold will make an inexpensive mattress feel luxurious because it is made of antimicrobial fabric, hypoallergenic, and temperature-sensitive. The fiber content are 100% polyurethane and memory foam, while the fill density is medium. This 1.5 inches topper creates a fantastic addition to any bedroom and it offers ultimate comfort for your night’s sleep.

The Enhance Highloft Memory Foam will also add an extra comfort to your bed. Similar with the product before, this mattress topper is also made of temperature sensitive with 100% polyurethane as the fiber content and 100% memory foam as the fill material. The fill density is also medium. These mattress toppers are available in twin, king, and queen sizes. The cushioning layers will offer comfort and soft surface.

Whereas, the Gel Memory Foam by Biofresh is the first odor-neutralized and breathable memory foam. This Target mattress topper features hypoallergenic with 100% polyurethane for the fiber content. The fill material is 100% gel memory foam with zipper closure type. Besides, it is also enhanced with plant-based ingredients.


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