Smart Ways to Maximize Storage Ideas for Small Closets

Living in small space like small apartment or small house has its own joys (like you can reach out everything you want without waking up from your bed or sofa); but you may get any problem about the storage space. Your closet storage isn’t easy to place anywhere you want. If you clean it out, you have no place to keep and organize your stuffs. The only solution is by using a tiny closet storage that is placed in the right place. And now we are going to help you to give some smart ideas of how to maximize your storage ideas for small closets.

First idea of maximizing the storage ideas for small closets is by doubling the existing hang-space in your closets. You can create your own additional storage in closets by adding the extender rods in your hang-space of closets. Second idea is by adding the shelves dividers to gain space-effective room in closet’s shelves. This idea lets you to have a stand-upright-storage space in your closets.

Third, optimize your small closet storage with doubling your shelves space with basket box storage underneath (under basket box storage idea). Basket boxes here can be used to store your accessories or other small pieces. Hooks are also so functional to use as the best additional storage idea. Use the vacant wall spaces that are not covered by your clothes. Install several hooks there. Or better idea is by creating a rack of hooks there. Hooks will be best alternative to organize the jewelry, purses, hand-bags, belts, backpacks, etc.

Create vacant space of upper closet door to organize your suitcase is next smart idea for optimizing your storage ideas for small closets. You need to install some hooks for hanging your suitcases, but remember that these hooks are only for hanging lightweight items. Next, hang items on the inside of closet door. What things should be hang there? Beside something with less weight, other items may be hang on the closet door are shoes, scarves, and socks. And here are the previews of storage ideas for small closets you may adopt.


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