Modern Handrail Ideas for More Stylish Staircase

Beautiful and attractive staircase has the potency to be a stunning accent to a home. Unfortunately, most people still adopt common or conventional staircase in their home. To transform a conventional piece of staircase, you need to replace or remodel the staircase into more stylish one. Remodeling project hasn’t to transform the whole parts of staircase, but you can only alter small part of your staircase, like the handrail.

The handrail of a staircase actually becomes the crucial part that makes the staircase stands out. It takes the role as the safety and protection provider. Nowadays, the handrails are available in various styles. They have transformed from simple usable elements to chic, wonderful, and modern handrail ideas. Some staircase designs have been supported with more artistic designs, so it allows them to be more marvelous.

What are modern handrail ideas? Actually, all types of handrails can be transformed into modern handrails only by altering the handrail designs. Simple wooden handrails, for instance, will be more stylish if you combine them with transparent glass panels. Even more, they will totally be amazing after you install beautiful curved-shape or sleek shape plus elegant finishing.

Play the colors. Select the colors adding modern look in a staircase. This is the example of applying good combination between the stairs and handrails. Black staircase will look so contrast after pairing them with rustic handrails. It’s very charming. You need to try it to achieve modern handrail design. Yet, be noticed your floors. A home with wood floors looks more interesting if you use the similar tone and material for the stairs (it is recommended to use wood stairs with similar staining), and black staining is good choice for wood handrails. Modern handrail ideas are also closely connected to integrated and cohesive parts into the home decor. And the good news is that you can do these ideas to metal handrails, LED-light handrails, and frameless glass handrails.


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