Stylish Post: Modern Mail Box Invites More Letters in Exquisite Look

Do you still remember the Scarlet Letter Masterpiece from Shakespeare? But today I don’t want to discuss that literature, I would just introduce you how to collect more letters in stylish way! Put in style every single mail box in your front yard to invite more postman to come!

Go with unique mailbox! Although it is not truly inviting more postman to come, at least the will be pleased once delivering the letter onto your mail box. Unique mail box made of stone is a brand new style to meet your need. The curve shape is stylish while the black door shows such terrifying look.

Meanwhile, a truly red mail box appears in very different mode. It slashes the front yard with long and large shape. However, it is only the laying tube used as the main box. It is totally awesome!

A black standing board shows code number aside the concrete pathway of a house while another board stand along with stainless steel mail box. Of course, it displays the code number for two different directions to ease the postman. Smart idea, right?

Another mail box is designed in a bit complicated style. It looks pretty similar with pigeon hole which is dressed in red with metal and wooden accent. The code number is clearly written beneath the lock.

Further, a unique half circle mail box stands still on a front home landscape aside the pave pathway. The code number is big designed on another concrete post.

Aren’t they awesome treat to make your lettering becomes more playful?


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