Modern Nativity Set – Religious Christmas Decoration

Wow! Christmas is coming! No, it is still two months ahead. However, you have to get the best prep for unforgettable christmas. Yeah, christmas decoration is a must every year. It glams the night event as well as the activities. So, aside of the wrath and christmas tree, what do you always add into the decoration? What about a modern nativity set? Isn’t it a great idea to make the nuance even more religious! Let’s look on some ideas below!

The first modern nativity set takes modular style. it is made of wooden material with a small wooden board to stick all of the characters involved. With black, white and yellor color combination, it completes the christmas even with joy!

Another idea seems more crowded compared the previous one. There are some pine trees around a small house with a kid and also a snowman. It is a stand still nativity design, so to bring it manywhere is possible!

A set of colorful modern nativity will add glorious impact to the celebration. From orange to pink, and green to purple, all are blended into a nice set of modern nativity. It is so cool anyway!

Choosing the one which is adorably designed like toys is also good. It makes some kids willingly to own the design as the characters added are all cute and playful. Stored in a golden ball, this small nativity looks great and luxurious!

Choosing nativiy set which is made from paper must be a good idea. it is creative as well as eco-friendly because it is made from refined paper!


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