Various Design of Monitor Stand for TV and Computer

If you ever think that you want to buy a monitor, you must not forget to buy its stand though. Since a monitor especially LED or LCD monitor cannot stand by itself. You can choose what kind of monitor stand you want to have. You can choose the lower one, higher one, or the simple one. In this article, the writer would like to share about several monitor designs for your inspiration.

Let us go to the first sample of this kind of monitor stand. In the picture we have a monitor stand with high concept. This monitor stand is quite creative, you can lower it or you want to heighten it. This monitor stand is suitable for public service like bank, hospital, hotel, and etc. The other design has modern concept and has double clampers. This is suitable for such a big wide monitor anyway. The common monitor stand used by most people is the simple low one. This computer stand showed in the picture has short design with black metal made and has two clampers.

Or perhaps you prefer monitor stand with four legs concept. This monitor stand is made of plastic anyway. This is suitable for tv console design. The other sample concept has white color design and low legs. This modern concept of monitor stand has some USB plug in on its body. This is perfect for your computer monitor and it can be placed on a desk anyway.


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