Mounted TV Ideas: How to Decorate Them Beautifully

Many people previously have spent the days to figure out what best way of mounting TV ideas in family or living room. It is not easy to do that, even more if the furniture pieces depend on it. Mounted TV ideas look great, practical, and stylish, indeed. It appears more attractive after being paired with open shelving unit. If you are looking for unique TV display area, this bricks wall needs to try. This decorating idea is for you who don’t want the TV stand too stunning. Use the similar color scheme to the wall system and add the lighting as the accent of room. This accent makes the room design much more modern for sure. The textured walls also complete the aesthetic value existing before.

Want to another idea? Don’t worry, we have a bunch of decorations for making your mounted TV ideas more eye-catching and interesting. And now we share an idea of decoration for you who love extra-sized open shelf complementing the flat TV. A thing you need is a traditional TV stand with storage underneath. Correct layout help you much in making the TV stand looks so contrast to TV set. Even, it seems that there is contrary view between the TV stand (in traditional look) and mounted flat TV (in modern way of installation).

Customized TV stand and bookshelves becomes one of next decorating mounted TV ideas. The most beneficial thing of using this idea is that you can match the decor idea with your preferences and needs. Built-in TV stand integrated with bookshelves can help you to keep the room tidy. Moreover, this customized TV stand and bookshelves are striking focal points and usable piece as well.

The last idea of decorating mounted-TV is by using a TV wall-console as the room separator. This is very innovative and unique. Like a fireplace, this TV console separates area elegantly from a larger open space. Two larger base shelves provide the storage and display spaces for all types of decorative items. next, we are going to share the pictures of mounted TV ideas that probably can be your next references.


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