Nice Toddler Floor Beds

As the name implies, a floor bed is a bed on the floor. It is based on Montessori Method in which it allows children to explore their surroundings. Usually you may use a crib for the babies or toddlers, but in this method, there is no crib for them. The method stresses freedom and independence within limits for the toddlers. For example, you can apply this method for the toddler’s bedroom.

Since it is a room for toddlers, everything should be low or within their reach including artwork, books, clothing, furniture, and toys for their surroundings. One of the furniture is the toddler floor bed. Why? Because the aims of the method are to move freely and independently for them around the room, a floor bed is preferred than a crib. However, you have to arrange all the things in the room with secure furniture and things.

The successful of this toddler floor bed depends on the toddlers. If they are a ‘silent and good’ sleeper who are easy to sleep and settles into a nice sleeping, the floor bed may work well. However, if the toddlers are waking frequently at night and struggle with naps, energetic, and persistence, the floor bed may not suitable for them.

As a parent, you may want to give the best for your kids. You want to give the most comfortable place for them, especially in their bedroom. Here are some pictures of nice ideas about the toddler floor bed and its arrangement that may help you to organize your toddler’s room, if you are going to use a floor bed.


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