Energize Your Interior with Orange Accent Pillow

Do you like the color of orange? What do you like the most from this fabulous tone? Yeah, this color reminds me one thing which is so fresh, sweet and of course healthy. Orange fruit is the most adorable fruit that reminds you directly to this gorgeous tone. Then, what happens to your interior if you apply this stunning color? Of course, your interior will be fully energized into the best feeling and atmosphere! Not only such large orange stuff, even the small orange accent pillow is capable to deliver the energy spreading in the house!

Since the spring is about to bloom soon, it is very good for you to start the day in the sunroom while waiting the sun to give its hottest light. Taking place beneath all glass roof as the skylight, the navy blue sofa carries some vibrant colored cushions including the orange ones.

Meanwhile, to fill your modern and minimalist interior design, the color of orange and green is perfect to cheer your white sofa bed. in addition, the orange accent pillow plays its generous duty aside the orange pot. The perfect outlook is just displayed with this pop up color combination!

Spending the night inside the bedroom with white gray bedding set is no more but bathed with luxury. Added with orange pillow on the bedding, everything is just getting more and more comfortable!

To fill the nuance of orange sofa, the orange pillow needs to compromise with green color. What do you think about the final look? Isn’t it great?

Reference: www.houzz.com

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