Wonderful Concept of Outdoor Pavilion Plan with Nice View

How do you utilize your back yard? Most of people use their back yard by making such a nice garden. In fact, a back yard can not only be decorated with garden, but you can create other thing. In this case, you can build an outdoor pavilion at your back yard. Why is this pavilion so important? Pavilion can be made as the relaxation place, you can put some stuffs in this pavilion.

Small Pavilion Design

Let us see the sample in the picture, there is a small pavilion with adorable decoration. The concept of this pavilion is so amazing, it is built using four concrete poles. This pavilion is completed with some nice sofas and a nice lamp with romantic orange lighting. Moreover, this pavilion on is located close to a pool with blue water. We can compare it with other pavilion design which is showed in the picture. This pavilion has dark accent with small design. This pavilion only has some small sofas with concrete flooring tiles design. The environment is more natural and fresher than the earlier sample. However, this pavilion has no pool view, it is just big field with stone flooring.

Perhaps, you would prefer to build a pavilion near a forest or lake. In this case you can build such a classic pavilion. Why is it called classic? Because the material and stuffs used are made of wood. Starting from the pavilion frame which has wooden poles colored in red with nice green roofing.

Moreover, the stuffs like chairs use wooden design as well. The table used is also made of wood. There are some decoration such as alive flowers which are planted around the pavilion, moreover, the environment looks so adorable and fresh in green nuance. This pavilion is suitable for you who like beautiful fresh nuance.

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