Pole Barn House Designs: the Escape from Popular Modern House Style

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A Unique Red Private Pole Barn House With Roof Castle Look Like And Metal Siding And  Wood Front Door Two Red Metal Garage Doors
Simple Metal Siding And Roofing Pole Barn House With White Glass Door
Semi  Modern Pole Barn House With Red Painted Metal Siding And Natural Stones Base  White Wood Window And Door Trims
A Residential Pole Barn With Trimmed Glass Doors And Windows Heavy Wood Pillars And Natural Stones Base White Painted Metal Siding And Green Painted Metal Roofing
Modern Pole Barn Residence In Two Floors With A Lot Of Windows And Wood Pillars
A Pole Barn Construction Integrated With A Private House With Metal Siding And Roofing  Three Garage Doors And Glass Windows And Glass Doors
Rustic Pole Barn Construction As Home Living With Natural Stones Exterior Decoration And Wood Pillars  Two Attics Buildings Wood Siding And Metal Roofing
Small Red Metal Siding And White Roofing Pole Barn Residence With Glass Door And Windows Plus Their Trims
Luxurious Pole Barn Home Living With Two Attics And Chimney Front Home Deck Made From Wood Some Units Of Glass Windows
Traditional Pole Barn House With Wood Material And Large Glass Windows And Wood Front Door

Pole barn house designs are great solution for you who like to be anti-mainstream from most people want. Today, most people compete to build luxurious modern/ contemporary living home or other popular architecture style. But a pole barn house offers different look, comfort, and uncommon style for the owners. Why do the numbers of people like pole barn house design? Today, this construction has a look of sleek home and uniqueness. Just look at the whole parts of construction. It does not have metal home look. All parts of residential pole barn are traditionally constructed with wood and non-metal materials.

Attractive design becomes the first main point plus of pole barn house designs. There are more beneficial features if you obviously construct your pole barn residence. Affordability, for instance, becomes the second most wanted point people want. Generally, cost of constructing a residential pole barn is less than other living home constructions. Even if you add some features such as decorative door or windows, overhangs, or wainscot. So, it is cost-efficient method of constructing a home living. You are probably so curious why is the cost of pole barn house less than other constructions, right? It is because this construction merely requires fewer materials.

What are the main point plus of pole barn house designs? Actually there are still two answers: ease of maintenance and good durability. But these point pluses are only applied for steel-sided residential pole barn. As the additional information, basically there are two types of pole barn residence: full-wood pole barn construction and steel-sides pole barn construction.

The second one is much more durable and easier to maintain than the first type. Wood-material constructions require high and routine maintenance such as repainting, scraping, and even worst you must replace the rots and warps wood sides/ roofs of pole barn house. It will be totally different to siding and roofing pole barn house that is zero maintenance. No replacing and no repainting the siding or roofing.

Reference: www.houseplans.com

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