Posh Bathroom Design – Jewelery Box

The most important thing to book a spa in a beauty center is to relax and deep to soak the body on the flowery water! Yeah, it is so comforting and endearing just to enjoy the moment with no burden smelling the scent, touching the warm water and of course slurping the tea provided. Thinking deeper into it, you may once expect to have a posh bathroom design that offers the same nuance as you usually get in a spa! Fortunately, there are various modern and luxurious bathroom ideas that worth to know!

A bathroom with natural wooden tone coating the floor and neutral white painting the wall, you can have a home spa by yourself. Don’t worry about the nuance because the open concept brings you awesome detail of outside view, and the vanity with sliding glass door is just too luxurious!

Opening the black wooden framed glass window ans start shrinking your body deep into the water right on the white freestanding bathtub, you can enjoy the deepest awe relieving your stress as well as your fatigue!

Another design offers you the joy of serenity with black stone siding idea and glass window to achieve the most enchanting moment even you are with no body. There are two choices whether you want to shower your head with hard water flow, or you simply deserve to get mild milk bath in the bathtub!

The next wonderful design leads you to touch an exotic bathroom design with hard stone application on the fireplace, freestanding bathtub and also some candle chandelier tracks attached here and there.

Reference: www.bedbathandbeyond.com

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