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A Bed Furniture With Fine Crafted Headboard Beautiful Purple Bedcover And Pillow Cases Purple Window Curtain
Purple Bedroom Decor Idea With Comfy And Elegant Bedding A Pair Of Round Bedside Tables With Table Lamps White Lace Window Curtains And Window Blinds Some Wall Decorations Purple Wall Paint
Wood Made Wall System Purple Bedcover White Strips Bedding Purple And Black Strips Bedroom Rug Black Round Bedside Table With Table Lamp
Luxurious Bedroom Decorating Idea In Purple Theme Metal Bed Furniture With Lighter Purple Bed Curtain Lighter Purple Bedcover And Pillows Chair And Table A Decorative Mirror
Elegant Bedroom Decorating Idea In Purple Theme Beautiful Bedcover And Pillow Cases With Black Floral Pattern Wooden Bedside Table With Storage
Bold Purple Curtains For Glass Door Queen Sized Bed Furniture With White Bedding And Purple Bedcover Purple Pillows Purple Wool Bedroom Rug White Ceramic Tiles Floors A Black Corner Chair
Modern Bedroom Decor Idea With Purple Bedding And Pillows A Purple Corner Chair With Pillows Glass Window With Semi Transparent Shade A Pair Of Minimalist White Bedside Tables With Table Lamps
Beautiful Wallpaper In Purple Purple Wall Paint For Bedroom Larger Ceiling Light Fixture Minimalist Bedside Furniture With Table Lamp Black Stained Wood Floors
White Bedcover Purple Bedding Idea White Bedroom Rug A Corner Chair In Purple A Fireplace With Decorative Mirror On Top Classic Pattern Wallpaper Beautiful Pendant Chandelier
Purple Wall Paint For Bedroom Luxurious And Comfy Bed A White Ottoman Chair A Black Stained Wood Storage System A Pair Of Round White Bedside Tables With Wheels A Pair Of Table Lamps Small Pink Wool Rugs

Purple is popular as the color of richness, royalty, and kings. Purple is able to turn your bedroom into luxurious and lush one. It is also a symbol of spirituality and passion. If you are interested in using this color as the main theme of your bedroom, you have wide options of color shades to choose. From soothing color shade to romantic color shade, for instance, is only the few of purple color shade available to use.

Purple bedroom decor is not limited only in teenagers’ bedrooms, especially for the girls. Several purple shades, such as dusky purple gray and darker eggplant shade are two color schemes that can be applied for master bedrooms. Both provide sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant look to the bedrooms.

Do you love lighter purple? Lilac and lavender are the best choices for you. These nice purple colors bring the same look as blue color does, but the colors do not make the chilly sense like blue. Lighter lavender or pastel lavender is so recommended for a nurturing room. To add texture or layer in purple bedroom decor, it is very easy. Just mix the shades in different intensity degrees.

Purple is good for kids. According to some researches, purple has the capability of stimulating the activities of brain, so it is extremely helpful for kids during study. Purple is flexible. It means that it can be feminine or masculine, depending on the shade selections you choose. Other factors also affecting the feminine and masculine decors are the accent colors and furnishings existing in a room. Actually, there are still a lot of interesting facts of purple, and the next time we are going to share more about other interesting purple bedroom decor ideas.


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