Sleigh Beds Full Size Product Options

Sleigh bed is one of bed styles that has scrolled or curved headboard and footboard as the primary characteristic. The curved headboard and footboard resemble a sleigh or sled for the bed; that’s why this kind of bed frame is then called as sleigh bed. Most numbers of sleigh beds are made of heavy and solid wood and this bed is originally from period of American and French Empire (early nineteenth century). The Empire was inspired from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Today, sleigh beds are not only made from solid wood, but they are also made from any verities of materials like steel, iron, and aluminum. More interestingly, today’s sleigh bed series still possess curve-shape headboard and footboard. If you observe them carefully, a modern and traditional sleigh bed has less difference in their headboard and footboard design. Fewer curves are presented in a modern Leigh bed.

Sleigh beds are produced in wide verities of size. The size options are full-sized, king-sized, queen-sized, super king-sized, and single. Sleigh beds full size and other sleigh beds have two headboard sizes; these two headboard sizes are medium and high headboards. You can select one of them that fit your personal style and need.

Seen from the design, sleigh beds full size can be grouped into classic-styled bedroom furniture. The curves presented on their headboard and footboard create huge of classical finishing touch. They strongly look so classical if other bedroom furniture sets and bedroom decorating idea are set in classic style.

If you want to present modernity into your sleigh beds full size, just make sure to select a sleigh bed with less curves on its headboard and it will be better if you dismiss the footboard. This idea helps you to minimize the classic look from the bed. Just add any other modern-styled bedroom furniture, such as bedroom vanity, bench vanity, cloth closet, bed-end-bench, etc, in your bedroom.


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