Stone Shower Walls: An Instant Trick to Transform A ‘Flat’ Shower into A Spa-Look-Like One

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Natural Stones Shower Wall System A Wooden Corner Bench Permanent Shower Wall Shelf For Putting Bathing Supplies
A Shower Space Without Door With Large Sized Natural Stones Wall Idea Wall Mount Showerhead
Shower Space In Unique Concept With Natural Stone Wall System And Ceiling Heldhand Showerhead Fixture Wall Mount Showerhead Fixture
Smaller Modern Shower With Glass Door And Natural Stone Wall System A Wall Mount Showerhead
Doorless Shower Idea With Beautiful Natural Stone Wall System A Wall Niche For Putting Some Bathing Supplies Wall Mounted Showerhead Fixture A Modern Toilet In White
Doorless Shower Design With Natural Stone Wall System A Wall Niche Of Shower Corner Shelving Units Permanent Shower Bench Made Of Natural Stones Heldhand Showerhead Three Recessed Lightings
Large Shower Space With Natural Stone Tiles Wall System A Bathtub Glass Door Feature Ceiling Showerhead Recessed Light Fixture Wall Light Fixture Idea In Modern Style
Corner Modern Shower Room Without Door With Natural Stone Wall System Idea A Wall Niche And Also Wall Mounted Showerhead A Wooden Vanity With Sink And Faucet
A Doorless Shower Idea With Natural Stone Walls Corner Shelves A Heldhand Showerhead Fixture Wall Mount Showerhead Fixture Mosaic Tiles Floors Idea
Modern Glass Door Shower Room With Elegant And Luxurious Natural Stones Wall System A Heldhand Showerhead Two Wall Niches For Putting Shampoo And Soap Some Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Using natural stone as the main structure of shower walls is excellent idea for you who want to add spa luxury in your private shower space. The natural stones have been the most favorite private shower wall finish and commercial spa. They give high value of aesthetic and durability. They also offer high qualities.

Stone shower walls taken from commercial spa wall ideas is possible to apply in private bathrooms. With advanced waterproofing technology, you now can have fully water-proofed substrate to support any natural stones tiling. It means, these natural stones can be installed by using the thinset bed approach. The water-proofed layers can prevent water intrusions over the cement-cover substrate. Besides, the layers are able hold the water entering the wall cavity.

Before applying stone shower walls idea, you have to consider these things. The natural stones used for a shower should be sealed with the best quality of water based sealer. Give the regular intervals for each sealer. To keep the natural stone tiles wall system clean and shiny, clean them up regularly by using detergent or other tiles/ floors cleanser. Use stiff plastic brush if needed to clean the walls up.

To reduce or to evaporate the moist air, you can use a fan installed in ceiling of shower space. This is so helpful to dry up the shower space faster after being used. Keeping the shower dry also will keep the stone shower walls clean.


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