Tall Upholstered Bed

Bedroom will not be perfect room without perfect bed. Before you do some bedding styles on your bed, you need to choose bed frame first. Bed frame is your bed main base so the result of comfortable sleeping can come from bed frame. Important part of bed frame is its headboard, it is the top part of your bed. Headboard is not only useful for bed decoration, but it is also useful as your back holder when you sit on your bed for reading some books.

If you need to use your bed headboard more, it is recommended to have tall upholstered bed. Tall and big upholstered bed headboard will serve you maximal bed headboard design and style. You can use tall upholstered bed as your bed main decoration for creating attractive bed. Tall means about headboard size and shape, so you have to get perfect and best bed headboard dimension for your bed type.

Measure your bed width then measure you wall height from the bottom side until the top side near bedroom ceiling. You may have medium size of tall upholstered bed if your bedroom ceiling type is not really high as you expect. But if you have great high ceiling, use it as much as possible for having taller upholstered bed.

Choose one, free standing tall upholstered bed or one set with the bed. If you have your own bed already but you don’t have any tall upholstered bed yet, then you need to buy one with free standing type so you can install it rightly after you buy it.

Reference: www.westelm.com

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