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Sophisticated Turquoise Floor Lamp With Beautiful Design And Post To Adorn And Enlighten Your Room
Beautiful Turquoise Floor Lamp With Pretty Shades And Metal Post And Base For Modern Room Style
Creative Turquoise Floor Lamp Decorated In The Living Room With Bucket Shade Placed Aside Black Sofa With Cute Decorative Cushion And Impressive Wall From Natural Stones
Cool Turquoise Floor Lamp With Green Turquoise And Pink Shade Plus Metal Post To Cheer Up Home Decorating Ideas
Venus Turquoise Floor Lamp With Tree Shape  Plus Golden Post And Base And Mesmerizing Design For Home Decorating Ideas
Stylish Turquoise Floor Lamp Made Of Metal For Home Decorating Ideas
Bailey Turquoise Floor Lamp In Simple Design That Suitable To Be Decorated In Modern Living Room Or Bedroom
Awesome Turquoise Floor Lamp With White Shade And Cool Post With Turquoise Ball And Wooden Accent For Modern Home Decorating Ideas
Classic Turquoise Floor Lamp Made Of Metal On Its Post And Base For Traditional Or Classic Home Style
Cute Turquoise Floor Lamp With Cute Shades And Girrafe Post Plus Modern Orage Rug And Grey Painted Wall

The standing floor lamp can enlighten your room and add nice outlook to the room with its design, shape, and color. Well, you can decorate it in any room in your home such as in the living room and bedroom so that your dark room appears bright.

Choosing a floor lamp is actually a simple thing to do. But, some of you may often find difficulties in choosing the color of the lamp as there are a lot of color options offered by the manufacturers. If you still have no idea what’s the best color of floor lamp for your home decoration, I suggest you to choose a turquoise floor lamp as this lamp can enlighten your room dramatically.

Yeah, the turquoise floor lamp is anti-mainstream choice that can give dramatic and fun atmosphere to the interior. In addition, displaying this floor lamp in your room can also freshen up the entire room with its soft and calm color. For further detail, you can take a look at those beautiful photos in this article!

First, you must have fallen in love with this turquoise floor lamp with a white shade and turquoise accent on its post. Yeah, the post is made of stainless steel beautified with turquoise balls accent and wooden frame.

Then, the giraffe standing lamp is also cute as well because the design is very creative and artistic. Its post is shaped like a giraffe with a long neck and it is completed with turquoise shade. So, are you interested with this giraffe floor lamp?

Next, the combination of three color shades in a single floor lamp is also a good and inspiring idea. Yeah, in the picture, the turquoise floor lamp is combined with pink and green shades which make it looks so fancy. The post of the lamp is made of metals which look eye-catching to be decorated in the living room.

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