Creative Works from Vintage Wine Crates

A lot of creative works made from ex or unused wine crates you can try to make. This idea is great, especially for you who are wine lovers and have so many wine crates at your storage. The crates will be more useful after being transformed into such following creative works.

First work is planter box for interior garden. You can place it as wall-mounted planter box or traditional planter box like regular pot. The size is matched for growing bigger and taller decorative plants. Just add finest potting soils onto it and plant your newborn plants on it.

Second work idea is wine crate-made bookshelf. It will be so fantastic if you have this one. For vintage look, change first your wine crates into the series of vintage-look wine crates and start to arrange them to a stylish vintage-wine-crate bookshelf. You can set up the size by yourself, based on your need. Larger bookshelf means more vintage wine crates to construct.

Third idea of creative work made from vintage wine crates is corner rack. You need more crates to build up this corner rack. The rack can be best alternative for storing any stuffs, including book collections, small decorative pieces, picture frames, and many others. Kids’ toys storage boxes, floating bathroom shelves, side tables, drawer systems, wall-mounted racks, wine racks, and linen storage boxes are other cool and creative works constructed from vintage wine crates. To see those works clearer, just visit the following gallery.


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