Creative Idea of Wall Mounted Fruit Basket

Are you a fruit lover? If you are, so you must have a lot of fruit saved at kitchen. You can create such a nice fruit place which is called wall mounted fruit basket, special fruit basket is put on wall hanged using hooks. In this case, the writer wants to share about some design of wall mounted fruit basket.

Most of wall mounted fruit basket has metal made concept design. For example, you can see in the picture there are some oranges put inside the fruit basket which is hanged over the wall. This wall mounted fruit basket is kind of modern one and quite simple anyway. Let us compare with the other fruit basket which has nice modern design which is made of plastic. This kind of wall mounted fruit basket uses rope to hang it on the wall. This is quite small anyway, you cannot load so many fruit there.

The other fruit basket has small steel made design with simple hook concept. This small wall mounted fruit basket is for lime storage in the kitchen, you can hang a banana on its hook. Just like the other same fruit basket which has different shape, but the function is just the same. For the design, you can choose whether you prefer the square one or the round one. All of them are made of metal or steel. Well, those are some samples of wall mounted fruit basket for now, there are a lot more samples that cannot be explained here totally.


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