White Leather Headboard Queen

White leather headboard queen looks so great to beautify queen-sized bed furniture. It offers more than comfort, especially when you want to lean your body on headboard. This position is perfect position, indeed. Leaning the body on headboard makes you comfortable when reading your favorite book or watching favorite TV show before tight sleeping.

White leather headboard queen is designed in vast selections of style, shape, size, and model. Style of such headboard varies as much as the style of queen bed frames. The style comes in traditional/ classic, tropical, modern, minimalist, and many more. Both styles of headboard and bed furniture must in matching look to create harmony.

According to shape, white leather headboard queen has so wide selections. Curly, square, pointed/ curved, and semi circular are several most common and popular ones. These headboards are so easy to find in any furniture outlets. Next, you have low profile, medium and higher white leather headboards to choose from. Low profile white leather headboard is commonly collaborated with platform bed model.

The model here can be categorized as free standing headboard and bed-mounted headboard. Few of them are garnished with frame in different colors. We have the most outstanding designs of white leather headboard queen; just check them out in our gallery.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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