Window Treatment for Slider Design that Will Spruce Your Ordinary Ventilation

How do you treat your window? It is the question that most people ask about once they meet others. The reason is that they need various style of window treatment to make the interior bit playful.

In addition, ordinary curtain is too common, and it is no longer stylish. So, what kind of treatment that you need? You must have window treatment for slider design that will spruce your ordninary ventilation!

The first treatment takes a new color which is very popular in the recent time. It is mocca tone slider for floor to ceiling glass window. The color is suitable to fit the gray painted wall because it shares smooth tone as well. There is another way to slide it upside guys!

The next slider comes with its very natural look. Yeah, it is the slider that is made of wood with its original look as well. It fits your classic room with gray wall and creamy sofa.

Then, a sheer white curtain design gives you beautiful touch to the glass window with mysterious view outside. It lengths from teh floor to ceiling and cover the window stylishly without closing the access from indoor to outdoor.

Meanwhile, a rolled slider is ready to cover your glass window in very modern style. It appears in cream color, and it suits your room with the same tone. Anyway, thanks to the natural light that brighten the room limitlessly.

Further, a framed white sliding window treat the glass window before with very unique style. it is totaly different from the previous idea that mostly use easy to attach model. Awesome!


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