A Humble & Simple Look Home Design with Minimalist Way

raw wood furniture set consisting of wood structured sofa with warm & light tone upholstery and coffee table Pinterest

Less yet functional, light-toned, and clean-lined are probably the definition of minimalism. But many people still relate it with modern and contemporary design as they have some similar traits. To make it clearer, here we’re sharing what actually minimalism is.

Most designers say that minimalism is a rejection of expressioanism. It seeks more on essential nature and totally removes all unimportant things, so it could create simplicity and harmonism.

Minimalism cuts out ‘extras’ and focuses only on the functional ones. For a living room, for instance, unecessary coffee table will be removed when it’s totally uncomfortable to sit. A real function is becoming the priority. If a piece of furniture is unecessary, it’s gone.

Remove all clutter things are much better. This great idea is well-recommended for a well-organized and minimalist look. Just put and display some functional pieces in space. It is not only good functionally, but also attractive visually. The idea also sounds good for any small spaces of interiors.

Neutral tones seem often existing in most minimalist homes. The main reason is that these color palettes can bring fresh and clean feel – exactly creating such a calming atmosphere.

Yet, sometimes it has a moment when bolder and deeper color palettes fill in minimalist spaces. This kind of tone of course adds a poppy look to the spaces – giving a special and inviting feel to always come & visit.

Bold and deep color palettes in minimalist room also have a big contribution in ‘driving’ a perfect cohesion in that room, so there is no any colored pieces are over-dominating. Clay, deep blue, and burgundy are just the few samples for this idea.

Minimalism doesn’t always colorless and textured-less. Texture, in minimalist design, is required to add warmth. You can plot your favorite textures on throws, rugs, draperies, and any textiles in your home. Just do it rightly and get the coziest feel and look on that.

Don’t let white dominates your space; mix it with metals, woods, or textiles for eliminating a plain-feel and boring look. But remember, select the correct tones or color combinations to create a soft and balanced appearance.

Prioritize quality instead of quantity. As we all know that minimalist concept seeks to the items that always stand out all the times (timeless), so they will keep be trendy time to time. This fits the main minimalism’s phylosophy: design is about live with less but better.

Space availability is another basic thought of minimalist design. It surely comes to give a sense of ’empty’ space – encouraging harmony & beauty in simplicity.

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