Adoptable Loft Inspirations for A Practical and Bigger-Space Visual Effect

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Loft is commonly used to refer to the part of upper attic or storey of homes, meaning that it’s the space under the roofs. Today, many people prefers this kind of living space to traditional ones as it’s more practical, adaptable open-space, and low budget. Even, most of loft apartments or homes are the formers of industrial constructions that have been converted into the residential space.

We have selected 10 best loft apartments that can give you more inspirations before executing your loft projects. Join us right now to explore more the ideas complete with the details.

Adopting the concept of modern and minimalist look, this loft apartment is designed in full brightness and airiness, supported with fully glass paneling and wood element. This kind of building exactly matches for cabin-like living space where we’ll find a lot of greens and fresh air outside.

If you dream of huge and loose living space, such a beautiful loft design sounds great for you. Supported with higher attics paneled with some skylights, the whole space becomes brighter. This loft apartment is divided into several functional spaces and the upper one is for private space like a bedroom. To provide an easy access connecting the upper and base spaces, the designer has added a semi-twister staircase; and look at the whole interior façade, it’s dominated by heavy materials especially hard metals and red bricks plus some glasses. These elements of course lead to industrial style.

Whitewashed brick walls seem to be able in creating a shabby look to this bedroom, perfectly working well with the concept, raw rustic. Exposed wood beams here also empower the existing concept, but not the pendant. It totally gives a modern touch to this rustic loft bedroom.

Bricks always bring warmth and authentic look to any rooms. Finished in whitewashed, they can make the space around airy, light, and cool, offering a contradictive look than previous. I also love the layout idea where the workspace and cloth-stand are on top. It’s more practical and space-efficient.

This is actually a rough industrial concept but the designer adds a little bit of modern touch to this space, subway ceramic tile installation. The tile installation obviously softens the existing interior dominated by heavy materials like black piping installations, exposed wood beams, black glasses, and many others.

Actually, this loft apartment is small but it looks bigger with glass window existence that allows the natural light passing by and makes the space naturally brighter and airier. The exposed red brick walls here offer textured surface and warm look, adding the value to this room.

Office or workspace in industrial style has met today’s people lifestyle. As what I see, the room is dominated by smooth concrete and natural wood finishes that visually give a balance look. Seen from the design, the room gets modern and minimalist concept obviously represented by the uncluttered working desk and shelving units. Inspiring.

A mini loft used for kitchen and dining room. The designer took modern-minimalist as the main concept and the space uses wooden with the different color finishing. The wood color is chosen for the inner of kitchen counter and cabinets, while the black one covers all floors, creating a beautiful contrast. A contemporary dining furniture set is chosen as it works with such a simple interior design.

I don’t know why I just focus on the sectional sofa and the painting. They are so wonderful. The sectional’s color, yellow, brings freshness and bold look to the room designed in industrial style. It seems like the sectional sofa is a statement as well as a functional piece in this living room; and the painting is so artsy; it can be a good investment of the room.

Nothing’s better than this workspace design. This one is the nicest combination of industrial and modern decorating styles. The floors and walls are actually the concrete finish but they are re-painted in whitewashed hue, making the whole space cleaner and simpler. Black piping installation collaborating with the wood shelves is also a good choice to create uncluttered storage idea.

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