How to Recreate A Minimalist Interior? The Secrets Are Revealed

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Many researchers say that messy people are creative and smart but people living in cluttered space apparently have high stress. Those who are too busy and ‘crowded’ lifestyle are recommended to live in a minimalist and simple space, some experts say. At least this idea can help them to escape the crowds and gets the peacefulness simply when at home.

Minimalist living space is closely related to clean-look and less pieces involved in spaces. Only some essential pieces are added to optimize the function and style. Many busy people now prefer to have such pieces for a simpler life. They assume that these pieces really suit their simple personal style. If you are one of these people and eagerly to have a plan of re-decorating your home into this style, let’s sneak peek the following approach of how to create a simple and minimal interior decor.

Clear off the clutter things. Let all surfaces clean. What about the things already existing in living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc? Do the start just by collecting all those things based on well-chosen categories. Provide some storage units and re-organize them based on categories. Need to note that just eliminate what things you wanna throw out into your trash bins, and decide what things you wanna hide and display.

Minimalist interior means minimalist base. This idea would be greater if you set up the base in neutral tone (biscuit to greige and in-between color hues). These hues offer fresh, clean, and warm that bring calm atmosphere. To avoid a boring output, you may infuse some cooler shades like white and light blue to balance the space. If you want to add some colors, make sure that you’ve chosen the high-intense ones that are eye-friendly, so they can softly fuse with the neutral base. The colors include tan, blue, green, and earthy brown.

Quality is much more important than quantity. Considering well-made items is the first step to get best quality interior. Choose ones that could be long-last, trendy yet functional for daily use.

Principle of ‘one in and one out’ is quite effective to prevent you buy unused and non-essential products now collected in your closets, cabinets, and other storage solutions.

Similar tone with different textures. This is another way to make your minimalist space quite more interesting than before. Texture is able to trick bland and cold look. You can add something textured to warm up the existing look through linens (pillowcases, curtains, rug, throw blankets), animal skin (cowhides, sheepskins), and fabricated things (velvets). Explore more with these sensory-touch pieces.

Concealed lighting fixture becomes the best light alternative for such minimalist bathroom. The fixture is invisible but its lighting effect could be visible beautifully – displaying high-level modern light choice. The dim light effect also adds warmer look in this brightly white space.

Wood element needs to add if you want to bring the nature back in another manifestation. The kitchen island integrated with the bar table seems so effective and practically functional in this minimalist kitchen.

After uncluttering, trying ‘one in and one out’, preferring quality over quantity, now it’s time to choose the best storage unit you’re gonna be used to cover your stuffs. Select the stylish one allowing to create a chic look from the outside.

Use smart furniture. Smart here means practical, space-effective, functional, and stylish. This small breakfast nook furnishing set meets these values.

Keep the space clean and simple. Let’s do ‘keep the space clean-look and simple’ as the principle. Throw away the thought ‘this new decor idea is too boring’. As we can see, minimalist decor idea is simple, beautiful, calm, inviting, and even warm.

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