Baby Boy Quilt Patterns Ideas

Baby quilts are perfect gift given to your best friends or relatives who just have a baby newborn. The quilt must be useful shower gift for the baby. For both, baby girl and baby boy, they have different patterns to apply. The patterns reflect each character. Baby girl quilts are designed in girly patterns or pictures, while baby boy quilts are designed in manly patterns or pictures. And the matter is it is harder to find adorable baby boy quilt patterns than baby girl’s. But, don’t be worried, the following are some recommended quilt patterns that are so perfect for most baby boys.

Transportation or vehicle-themed quilt is one of quilt pattern references for the baby boys. There are so many names of transportation or vehicle applied on home fabric properties, including baby clothes and baby quilts. And happily, you can be easier to find out different variants of quilt with vehicle theme today. Many quilt makers use cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, trains, and others as the main baby boy quilt patterns.

Animals are next recommended baby boy quilt patterns. Like transportation or vehicle, you also have so many choices of quilts with animal pictures for your lovely baby boy. Cute giraffe, monkey, owl, birds, deer, bear, dolphin, etc exactly will attract your baby. Textured or printed animal pictures give highly aesthetic value to baby quilts. Add fun and cheerful colors onto the quilts to attract more your baby.

The series of letter also look so good and inspiring to be applied on soft and cozy baby boy quilts. Choose cute letter on quilts and make sure that you have selected most attractive color combination among the letters. Modern top patterns, such as hexagons, Xs, Os, pinwheels, etc, sound interesting for being included as most recommended baby boy quilt pattern. Yet, most importantly, select the best fabrics providing extra comfort for your baby boy.


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