Bathroom with Beadboard – Classic Style

Do you want to give new outlook to your bathroom? Let’s touch the bathroom from the very small detail like wall paint or even just adding vas on the vanity. There are so many ways to deal with bathroom transformation. If you have lots of money, you are even able to replace the old bathtub with the new limited edition. In addition, just if you want to back a while with classic style, bathroom with beadboard is a nice idea to work with! Here you check some pictures!

Soft green bathroom is truly comforting to spend the time relax in teh space soaking your body into the tub. The nuance is just calming with the combination of the white beadboard and the green paint on the wall. Even the natural wooden furniture added is also as gorgeous as the atmosphere!

Another bathroom idea seems to be more colorful by applying tropical wallpaper in the sense of yellow. It is also nice to see the beadboard appearing in soft yellowish tone to match with the wallpaper above it. Together with some potted plants added, it is truly an amazing design!

A bathroom with tall beadboard is another idea that will enrich your transformation plan. Again, it takes soft green to deal with the white beadboard added. Then, the luxurious white tub takes place to comfort the occupant and submerge him or her immediately.

White bathroom with beadboard is another idea to go with vintage style. it offers so much fun to buy the time inside the footage. The aura is just calming and endearing!


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